Sunday, November 7, 2010

It's all about chocolates

Greetings everybody and welcome to my new page.It's all about my homemade chocolate. For your information, I'm using imported chocolate and a high quality products.I'm too fussy with its taste and texture.Some chocolate are too sweet and unsuitable for us if diabetic. Lagipun tak rugi anda mencuba coklat saya..ceewah.I would like to share about my experience.I'm growing up with cocoas and my family are cocoa planters.I never thought chocolate malt such as MILO or OVALTINE (zaman kecik-kecik 80'an) comes from cocoa. I've learned from Chef Asma (promote gaks) and now I'm expert to make my own chocolates with variety pralines. Soon, I'll set up my own class for everybody to share my knowledge. If you're insterested to make order for any events such as anniversary,engagement,wedding,door gift and even for yourself,don't hesitate to contact or email me for quotations.

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